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22 Oct 2013

The final day of our voyage

So the day is here! The final day of our voyage. The day we arrive at the berth at Yeosu and will discharge our cargo that we have carried from Ust Luga via the Northern Sea Route.
21 Oct 2013

Time for goodbye

It’s amazing how you can sail for almost thirty days and not see much civilization or other ships in your vicinity and then it’s just like hitting a button. This morning when I arrived on the bridge
20 Oct 2013

Sunday bloody Sunday

Or maybe I should say Sunday quiet Sunday because today is a nice and quiet day as we are steaming southwest on the waters between Japan, Russia, China and Korea. Tomorrow afternoon we will arrive at Yeosu
19 Oct 2013

The perfect team

It’s another beautiful day as we are steaming on a southwesterly course across the East Sea. The sun is shining and skies are blue. Just like it should be! We are all enjoying these last few days
18 Oct 2013

Calm sea at last!

This morning when I woke up I could feel the ship moving almost motionless through the water. Finally, I thought to myself, the rock n’ roll is over. But it had been quite a rough night with
17 Oct 2013

Keep on rolling

So the story continues, the song keeps on playing, the vessel keeps on rolling. The weather today is the same as yesterday with strong winds and big swell. We even had to alter course just to keep
16 Oct 2013

Hold on!

I thought I had gotten used to quick changes but judging from today I guess I haven’t. I woke up really early this morning by the feeling that I was almost falling out of bed. What…, I
15 Oct 2013

Nice and quiet again

We have now left the Bering Sea and the storm behind us and are currently steaming on the Pacific Ocean. There is still some swell on the sea after the storm yesterday but this is not effecting
14 Oct 2013

Rock n’ roll

The storm has now hit us as we continue our voyage southwest to Korea and we are in the middle of the rock n’ roll. The night has been rather quiet but when waking up this morning
13 Oct 2013

Preparing for the storm

One day we are dancing the next the we are cruising. Today is a beautiful day on the Bering Sea. The sun makes the calm sea glow as we are steaming on a southwesterly course towards South